Berlin, City-West. A loud, fast, frantic but at the same time a fascinating, almost absorbing place. A place, where it is easy to get caught up in the maelstrom of big city life.
In the middle of this bustling activity – a serene and small artistic hotel dedicated to the spirit of the great magician and the poetic aesthetics of surrealism. A unique art project and a welcoming boutique guesthouse simultaneously.

An impressive and stately Entrance leads you straight to the lobby. Calm and appealing colour shades, which accentuate the Wallpaintings. High, stucco-decorated ceilings. Space to breathe. A minimalist, but comfortable furnishing. Modern, aesthetically designed bathrooms. Engrossing conversations in the breakfast room, obliging and attentive hosts – all of this seems possible only in a small, family-run hotel following the famous traditions of European family operated guest-houses. If You are looking for more than just the usual, faceless touristic industry focused on processing masses of people – You are our guest.

You are very much welcomed. Please take a look around.