Hommage à Magritte is more than an ArtHotel. Homage to Magritte is an art project implemented by a joint concept of JULL and RM Stemero

Design, art direction and realisation (paint, facade design, objects, furniture design): JULL. More information about JULL: HERE or HERE

Photography of murals (selected) are shown below. – © Maciej Mankowski

All rooms are individually decorated by JULL with elaborate murals using characteristic Magritte motifs and – partially -by the means of trompe l’oeil technique.The main idea was not to copy the images of Magritte, but to create spaces looking as if Magritte himself done all the work.


Grolmanstraße 32-33, 10623 Berlin


© 2023 Hommage a Magritte